Information About You

We ask for information about you to enable staff to provide you with relevant care and treatment, both within the surgery and the local NHS area. We keep this information so that it can be referred to during future consultations/treatment.

This information may also be used for other reasons: other areas of the NHS may require information upon referral to secondary care, for data collection or research purposes. The NHS Central Register for England and Wales contains details of all patients registered with a GP but this does not include clinical information.

Under certain circumstances, we are required by law to provide information on events such as births. We may also need to share information about you with other people who are providing care for you. Anyone receiving this information is under a legal duty to keep it confidential.

Further information regarding access to patient details and your rights are available from the surgery. If you have further queries regarding data protection and confidentiality, please contact the practice manager.

Information is only passed on with your consent, within the confines of the NHS, by law or if in the public interest.

Please see our data protection statement on the confidentiality page

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